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Krav Maga Rochester owner and instructor, Tim Kubit, holds a 1st degree black belt rank in Krav Maga, and has the distinction of being the very first Krav Maga Street Defence instructor in America. With a background that started out as a kid learning how to box with his brother, to training in Russian and Filipino martial arts as an adult, Tim turned his focus to Krav Maga in 2007. He continues to focus and sharpen his training under the expert teaching of 7th degree black belt and Israeli Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, Michael Rüppel.

​Tim is also a certified kettlebell and MMA/combat fitness trainer, with a strong focus on tactical readiness and movement, and his philosophy of "Train Hard, Stay Safe" permeates everything he teaches. He has trained with leading coaches/teachers, athletes and fighters from literally all over the world. In 2023, Tim was awarded the Badass of the Year Award by the Federation of Israeli Martial Arts - an honor only given to two other men - UFC legends Bas Rutten and Dan "The Beast" Severn. Tim was granted this award in recognition of his successful battle with Stage 3 cancer in 2022. 

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