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Krav Maga Rochester owner and instructor, Tim Kubit, holds a 1st degree black belt rank in Krav Maga and has been teaching Israeli martial arts and fitness in the Rochester area since 2007. He most recently perfected his skillset in Germany under the teaching of Michael Rüppel.

Tim holds the distinction of being the first Krav Maga Street Defence instructor in the USA to be certified by Michael. A former bodyguard to German chancellors Gerhard Schröder and Angela Merkel (he was even Jean-Claude Van Damme's bodyguard at one time), Michael Rüppel is held in the highest regard by the Israeli security, intelligence and military communities for his expert knowledge of Krav Maga. He also holds a 6th degree black belt and belongs to the Israeli Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Tim is very proud to be his student, as he knows Michael's Krav Maga Street Defence is not just a dressed-up kickboxing class! ​

Tim is also a certified kettlebell and MMA/combat fitness trainer, with a strong focus on tactical readiness and movement. His philosophy of "Train Hard, Stay Safe" permeates everything he teaches. He has trained with leading coaches/teachers, athletes and fighters from all over the United States and Canada, Israel, Russia, Germany, Finland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Rumania, Slovenia, Greece, Panama, Ecuador, the Philippines, and China - and worked closely with these men and women to gain an in-depth understanding of biomechanics, movement, combatives, nutrition, combat psychology, counter-surveillance, and how a criminal thinks.

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